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A Cybertour of Selected Historic Places along Main Street as it was in 1997

There are more than a dozen structures along Main Street which pre-date the Second World War and at least two we believe were constructed in the nineteenth century. This cybertour begins with twelve of particular interest. Ten of the twelve are listed by the city in the Inventory of Cultural Resources, the other two await action by the City Council. Unfortunately, five of the twelve have been destroyed so this is the only record you may find for those.  Occasionally, additional information tangential to that given for the location cited is included along with anecdotal comments.

The one mile long tour begins at the north end of historic Main Street and ends at the now destroyed O'Toole Elms site near Fire Station Number One.

Each location that is part of the cybertour is accompanied by at least one photo and a descriptive text. The information provided has been collected from various documents, maps, newspaper accounts, and living memory. It is not presented as a scholarly work but in a manner hoped to be of greatest use to school children and as entertainingly informative to adults. If you have information to add about any of these sites, please email our webmaster at this address: mcm at

To select a location, click on its underlined name. To return to this page, click on the button marked "back" or "previous" in your browser's menu or click on the "Return to Cybertour" button at the bottom of each page. You may also wish to go to our homepage.

The Milpitas History

Milpitas Grammar School
Vacated in 2002 due to mold.  Part of new library complex after 2009.

Dr. Smith/DeVries Home
Little maintanance 1995 - 2005.  Turned over to non-profit developer in 2005.

Winsor Blacksmith Shop
Destroyed in 2006

C. Smith/Dutra Home
Destroyed in 2006

Spangler's Service Station
Altered in 2000

A. Rose Homestead
Destroyed in 2000

Kozy Kitchen
Destroyed in 2000

Maple Hall

Smith's/Campbell's Corners
Gutted and Altered in 2001

Silveira/Caudillo House

St. John's Church

O'Toole Elms
Destroyed in 2005

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