Clarence Smith Home

Destroyed in 2006

This home at the north end of Main Street was the home of Clarence Smith. Smith owned and operated Smith's Corner, a tavern at the corner of Main Street and Serra Street that had been built by his cousin, John Smith c. 1895. This house was located south of the tavern where a parking lot is today.

In the 1950s the Dutra family bought the house and moved it to the north end of the street to its present location. This part of Main street was once the residential section of the town with many homes along Main and Weller. Nearly all of these, including the Cracolice home were demolished to create the Calaveras Blvd. overpass in the 1960s.

The home is typical of many craftsman style homes that could be found up and down Main Street during the first half of the twentieth century. Most were built by local carpenters who often were related to the homeowner. There are very few names of these early craftsmen that have come down to us but the evidence of their skill can still be viewed in homes sturdily built and with attention to detail.

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