The Caretaker's Cottage

The dark redwood building now home to the Higuera Adobe Park caretaker, dates from the 1850s. This building was used as a saloon downstairs and according to legend the upstairs was a brothel. Other stories say the structure was a gambling hall, too, hence some still refer to it as the "Casino."  The timbers are the original unpainted, old growth redwood. It is one of the oldest wooden residences in the state although the city has not submitted it for listing on either the California or National Register of Historic Places.

The Weller family referred to the building as "The Box House" because they used it to store fruit boxes prior to it being converted to a residence by Marion Weller in the 1960s.

In the early 21st Century, a tree fell partially damming Calera Creek which runs just a few feet north of the building.  Efforts by city park workers to save the tree, caused more damming of the creek.  This led to minor flooding of the residence which was located just a few feet upstream.  The caretaker moved out and the structure has been vacant since then.

In 2011, in a joint effort between the County and City, Calera Creek was cleared of undergrowth and restored to its former channel.  Since then, there has not been flooding of the historic building.  A video of this building -- interior and exterior -- may be viewed here: Caretaker's Cottage

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