The Milpitas




Our mission is to encourage interest in and knowledge of the shared heritage among the citizens of the City of Milpitas and to provide a place to educate students and the public through exhibiting collections of cultural resources.



Our vision is to become a thriving, central gathering place where local residents and visitors have the opportunity to experience history, art and culture.




We introduce individuals and families to the diverse cultural life of the city and we are a vibrant urban meeting place for all in Milpitas and beyond.

We connect our visitors to experiences and ideas in history, arts and humanities, and cultures.

We capitalize on the richness inherent among the many differences found in Milpitas.

We display and interpret aspects of past and present communities from the Milpitas area.

We believe in the intrinsic value of opportunities for individual learning, and multi-sensory, object-based exploration.

We strive to deliver the highest quality experiences to the community, from research publications to exhibitions and educational programs.

We support parents, educators, researchers, civic leaders and other professionals in exploring issues facing humanity.

We achieve our goals with the greatest responsibility and integrity.